Slow Wave to Ukraine

Shehyni, Ukraine

ReAllocate delivers Slow Wave to Ukraine for whose rescue drivers have evacuated ~10,000 women and children from conflict zones in Ukraine. The drivers are exhausted, stressed, and traumatized. Slow Wave is now at their main bus depot providing the bus drivers with a much needed stress reset, trauma decompression and physical recharge so they can keep doing their brave and incredible work.

Slow Wave for Kid Save

Mykolayiv, Ukraine

We have committed to getting Kidsave a Slow Wave! Kidsave is a U.S. nonprofit that helps kids (ages 9-18) in foster care and orphanages find lasting connections and forever families. Currently they are working in Ukraine to rescue children and families and provide humantiarian aid.

On the Ground at a Refugee Camp

Medyka, Poland

We are on the ground at a refugee camp, offering sessions on the Slow Wave. The Slow Wave is helping aid workers by day and refugees in the evening.

Ukraine-Poland Border Crossing Medic

For refugees a single 35-minute Slow Wave session profoundly downregulates sympathetic hyper-activation to reduce the effects of exposure to hardship and diminish the long term effects of trauma.

For aid workers, a Slow Wave session can give them the reset and restoration they need to keep doing their important work and prevent burnout.