Day 2: Setting Up

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Met with Jeff today, talked about safety and made plans for the weekend. Took pictures of facites with Phil, learned about what equipment in the workshop, and what what up and coming projects are in line – also helped with the toilet.

Tomorrow I need to help with the shop, and gain ownership of it – meaning work in the metal shop and help with any laying and concrete initiatives- maybe houses.

certain roads in citie solie, off limits.
don’t go to the banc without a partner, and make sure you’re not marked with chalk when you walk out

none at the moment –
New Items

Took pictures of the compound :
apparently so did Jeff the most accurate map of Haiti
Meeting with John from Haiti Partners who has a bakery / school which is an A-b project

Action Items:

Work on Haiti communitere project – and figure out how to bring more people here.
– SH model
create calendar
make person database
begin media plan
Desk x 2 for room
Internet set up – an extrea line
get new Moz net

Thursday: citi solie
Friday : John with Haiti aid rustic
Sunday: clinque
Nextweek: country with Sabina

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