Dr. North at TedxSendai – The future in 4D

TEDxSendai focused on the theme of natural disasters. In a tightly choreographed 3 hours, TEDxSendai brought together the most interesting thinkers and leaders from the worlds of business, art, politics and science to share a message about disaster recovery, resilience, and hope. This theme was explored from multiple perspectives and contributed ideas worth spreading from Haiti to Japan.

Printing the Future


In partnership with Intersection for the Arts and Girls Oasis, ReAllocate hosted a screen printing workshop for at-risk high school girls to learn how to create their own replicable works of art, themed around teen and gender issues. The workshop was held at the flagship San Francisco location of high-tech fabrication facility, TechShop. The art works were showcased at the 5M cluster.

The Miracle Brace Project


ReAllocate is developing a prototype “Miracle Brace” for Miracle Feet to treat clubfoot, a birth defect that affects 200,000 children annually world-wide. With 80% of the cases of clubfoot occurring in developing countries and bracing an integral part of the treatment process, delivering a low cost brace becomes a life changing piece of technology. Using rapid innovation, we are creating an affordable solution for the developing world.