Special thanks to The Basa Village Foundation and Ben Snyder.
We all know that water is crucial for survival, and that we can’t live without it. Most of us take it for granted that we can just go to the sink, shower or garden hose, and out will pour gallons of cool, clear, drinkable water.You probably also know that billions of people all over the world don’t have that luxury.

ReAllocate is working to help a village of 450 people in eastern Nepal called Basa design a sustainable solution to their water problems. ReAllocator, Ben Snyder, has traveled to Basa and met with the local community to understand their needs. He completed an engineering survey of the area in preparation for the construction phase of the project provided by the Basa Village Foundation.

The Basa Village Foundation, a non-profit in the US has already pledged to raise the money for materials and construction. They asked Ben to go to Nepal and perform a detailed survey to help the local people come up with a sustainable design.