Printing the Future


Printing the Future mentors, Liz Conley, Alicia Soliz, Jeja Sjoblom, Emi Watanabe. Videographers, Kiersten Lang, Janel Sterbentz. Music by David Molina. Special Thanks to Techshop.
In partnership with Intersection for the Arts and Girls Oasis, ReAllocate hosted a screen printing workshop for at-risk high school girls to learn how to create their own replicable works of art, themed around teen and gender issues. The workshop was held at the flagship San Francisco location of high-tech fabrication facility, TechShop. The art works were showcased at the 5M cluster.

The Education Access program exposes youth to experienced engineers, technologists, artists and other professionals. Through hands-on experiences students are introduced to professional fields, while solving problems working on projects that have a direct impact on real world issues.

Mentor relationships enable leading edge experts to provide guidance that is accessible, intriguing and encouraging for students. This direct involvement builds a sense of accomplishment, driving the youth participants’ future endeavors, creativity and motivation to become leaders and problem solvers in their lives.